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Purchase Order Financing

Midwest Factoring Service will attempt to provide purchase order funding if that is your primary requirement. However, it is far more difficult to do so. It is also considerably more expensive than invoice factoring.

Additional Facts About
Account Receivable Factoring

Unlimited Use Of Your Own Cash Without Sacrificing Equity

Midwest Factoring Service transactional finance allows business owners an opportunity to avail themselves of virtually unlimited capital for purposes of transacting business wiithout parting with equity ownership or control. What's more, Midwest Factoring Company clients are not constrained by
fixed credit limits.

Midwest Factoring Service works with companies and their transactions in the domestic and in industries as diverse as apparel, accessories, auto parts manufacturing, computer equipment, electronics, furniture, hardware, housewares, medical supplies and equipment, software, and
staffing service invoices, etc.

Analysis Based On Strength Of Transaction

Midwest Factoring Service assesses prospective transactions. The financial wherewithal and performance track record of prospective client companies are only two of many factors considered in such analysis. In many cases, Midwest Factoring Company works with client companies with very limited resources
and experience.

Government Contractor Development Programs

Midwest Factoring Service has a special program available to assist qualified, industrious entrepreneurs in getting started in the lucrative and profitable government supply contracting business. The program is adaptable to the federal, state and municipal levels. This program allows Midwest Factoring Service to provide many other business development resources, other than just regular financing.

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